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Greek pottery is an archaeological record of Ancient Greece and is an influence on our understanding of the Greek society. Pottery is the most diverse representation of the cultural beliefs and practice of the Greeks. The Greeks produced so much pottery because of the need of cutlery, dishes and cups in their everyday way of living. Dating back to 900 BC-700 BC geometric pottery is one of the earliest ceramic styles in ancient Greece. The different geometric shapes help us identify what kind of pottery type it is.

Grecian Look sells ceramic vases, souvenirs, and decorative plates for you to take a piece of Grecian history home with you.

Orthodox Church Supplies
Grecian Look sells a variety of Orthodox Church Supplies used in everyday Greek Liturgies. We sell incense, charcoal, and prosphoron seal stamps. Grecian Incenses are burned to releases a fragrant smell when it is burned. They are produced through plant materials and essential oils. The Greeks burned incense according to their religious values to keep the demons away. During church Liturgies incenses are burned over charcoal to send off a sweet smelling fragrance.

Prosphorons is a Greek word that means offering. The circular loaf of bread was giving as a gift to the Church to serve the Priest and the poor.

Having a little bit of Greek culture doesn’t mean shelling out all of your drachmas! Find wonderful pieces of Greek life for a low cost!

Clothing and Apparel
Our clothes offer a throwback to Greek heritage with a modern twist. These shirts and hats will keep you looking good, while keeping the sun out of your eyes. With ancient Greek lettering our Greek fisherman hats and t-shirts will remind your friends of where you are from. All of our shirts are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable.

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? These gifts are great for any friends or relatives of any age, appealing to their deep love of Greek culture. Our gift items range from beautiful sashes to savory cookbooks to proud car magnets giving you many options to surprise your loved ones.

Religious Icons
Religion has always had strong roots in Greek culture stemming all the way back to Greek Mythology. Our store carries religious Greek imports that would make any home a place of worship. We sell products ranging from murals of famous religious icons to prayer bracelets and even thimiatos to purify your home or church. All of our imports are sanctified by the Greek Orthodox church.

Skin Products
At Grecian Look, we provide a wide variety of products that help revitalize your skin. We offer Grecian soaps, moisturizers, shampoos and face creams to make your body feel brand new. Our products are made with fine ingredients from the Mediterranean region such as olive oil and Mastiha with flavorful scents to accentuate your aura.

Wedding and Baptism Gifts
Most memories are captured in photos but here at Grecian Look, we want your wedding day to be remembered through a beautiful stefanothike. These crown (Stefana) cases are built to be a remembrance of your beautiful day by showcasing the bride’s one of a kind crown. Whether it’s the heart or square stefanothike, our wooden cases will be the perfect decoration for a Grecian couple’s bedroom.

What’s New
These most recent Greek imports are right off the boat! Want to see what kind of Greek gifts, souvenirs and fisherman hats we just received? This is where they will be.