Business Policy


1) Please do not leave any tape or price tags on stickers when returned from consignment orders. Accounts will be charged .25cents for each price tag left on merchandise, .25cents for each SKU# removed from merchandise and .25cents for each small bag missing from merchandise.

2) A $35.00 fee is added to account for all NSF’s.

3) Only churches and Businesses can pay invoices. Individuals can not pay from their own accounts.

4) Buy-out orders will receive a 5% discount if invoice is between $50.00-$999.99. Buy-out orders will receive free shipping if order is over $1,000.00.

 5) On buy-out orders merchandise can not be returned because it does not sell. Please be careful when ordering or order small quantities so you are not stuck with merchandise. If you return items they will not be credited to account or refunded. If you wish to have the merchandise sent back to you, the shipping fee will be applied to your account.

 6) Accounts must be paid in full before new order is placed.

7) All accounts can be paid by check or credit card. Please note at this time if you pay by card a 4% processing fee is charged.

7a) Individual Businesses must provide a credit card to be kept on file. If account becomes past due after 120 days, The card will be charged plus 6% late fee.

7b) Any account that goes over 120 days will be charged a 6% late fee.

8) No return merchandise from previous years will be accepted or credited to accounts. This applies to consignment orders

9) Prices on merchandise are subject to change any time without notice.

Business Policy is subject to change at any time.

Rev. 3/2022